Success Comes In Many Forms: Are You Satisfied With Your Results?

4 05 2010

I have been doing direct sales online for two years now and I have heard all the excuses, all the reasons for failure and MANY success stories!

There is an old saying,”You can make excuses or you can make money, but you can’t make both”.

There have been a wave of events over the last year that may be compared to a tidal wave for internet marketers. The most glaring of these has been Google and the FTC and the slap and suspend debacle.

I was doing intense training in Google when this began and had my campaigns running when I saw marketers falling around me like flies. I continued with my training and paused my campaigns, hoping to gain some insight
into the way forward with Google.

At this time, everyone was trying to figure out how to stay in Google and to become compliant.

Needless to say, thousands of dollars were spent on several courses that each indicated that they had all the answers. There were people who were smart enough, in the midst of this, to seperate sense from nonsense and not just throw good money at empty claims for solutions. Courses eventually emerged at a fraction of the cost and people of discernment, who understood patience and timing, eventually found their answers and they are back in the game!

The message here is that if you stay the course, remain persistent, you are determined to achieve success and you are passionate about what you are doing, you WILL succeed!

Success comes in many forms. Mike Dillard taught me that the only way that you have value to offer others is to constantly increase your personal knowledge and skills. If you have information that will help someone ELSE achieve their goals then you will be successful.

If you become a part of a business opportunity that offers cutting edge marketing training, there is no way that you can lose.

While you learn how to generate leads for your business, how to brand yourself, posture in dealing with prospects and so much more, you are acquiring skills that will remain with you for a lifetime.

So, I encourage you, stay on track, never give up, follow your dreams, keep current and finish well!

If you have low days as you await the manifestation of your desired results, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and ignore negativity.

We become what we believe. Stay positive 🙂


Free Search Listings vs Pay Per Click Advertising

30 04 2010

I recently had a discussion with one of my colleagues regarding the importance of paid advertising in Google
Adwords in addition to ranking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

He theorized that if he was ranking for a term in the organic search, then he need not bid on that keyword
phrase in his PPC (Pay Per Click) Google campaign.

I stumbled across an article by the original “King” of Google, Mr. Perry Marshall. His take on it was quite different.

Perry stated that although, “free is always a great deal, you should still buy advertising as long as it will give you
an acceptable ROI.” (Return on Investment)

He compared it to owning stocks. Some stocks may give you 17% interest this year, while others may only bring
in 2-3%, but when you dollar cost average it you still come out ahead.

You see, people who depend solely on free search engine ranking are particularly vulnerable to Google’s ebbs and flows
and Google’s whims.

Google has become more unpredictable in recent past. One day you may rank #1 for a term, and the next day you may find that
you are not even in the top 100! The truth is, as a marketer, you must never rely on any one thing!

Although Adwords has become a game for the determined and educated marketer, the beauty of it is that you have far more
control. You can test your ideas before you roll them out.

This is the most glaring advantage, apart from the very obvious volume of quality sales ready leads available in
Google paid search, and this advantage is not at all possible in free search traffic.

The truth is, having studied the guidelines and the new trends of Google advertising at length, there IS a way to adhere
to and excel at operating Google campaigns. There is a learning curve and you must have a unique offer and a product
that is all your own. Google is looking for structure, compliance, relevance, quality and transparency!

Google Adwords Leads: The Future Of This Volume Lead Strategy And Staying In The Race

18 04 2010

Google has definitely raised the bar in the last year or so where expectation from their advertisers is

It is important to remember that Google’s priority customers are their searchers. The advertisers are important
too but they are Google’s secondary concern.

If you bear this in mind as you build your campaigns, you will already be ahead of the pack. Align yourself
with the searchers. Ask yourself, “Would this benefit the Google searcher?”

Google has shut down 50,000 advertisers accounts over the last months.

They are on a campaign to improve relevancy, quality and transparency.

In this article, I will focus on quality.

What defines quality in your Google campaign? Google is looking for tightly themed adgroups. They examine the
relationship between keywords and ads, and ads and landing pages.

Google’s quality score determines if a keyword is eligible to enter the ad auction. It affects how high your ad
will be ranked.

Quality score affects your cost per click as seen below:

A Quality score of 10 will earn you a 30.0% discount on CPC (cost per click)
A Quality score of 9 will earn you a 22.2% discount on CPC
A Quality score of 8 will earn you a 12.5% discount on CPC

A Quality score of 6 will cost you a 16.7% increase in CPC
A Quality score of 5 will cost you a 40.0% increase in CPC
A Quality score of 4 will cost you a 75.0% increase in CPC
A Quality score of 3 will cost you a 133.3% increase in CPC
A Quality score of 2 will cost you a 250.0% increase in CPC
A Quality score of 1 will cost you a 600.0% increase in CPC

If Google gives your landing page a high quality score, you will be safe to advertise without fear of slap
or worse yet, suspension.

The factors that contribute to a 10/10 Quality score are:

1. Tightly targeted ad groups for search (1 keyword per adgroup in phrase, exact and in some cases broad match
types). Content varies from this, for example, 4-8 themed keywords per adgroup.

2. 2 ads per adgroup. Always test and tweak the lower performing ad to improve CTR (click through rate)

3.Use SEO (search engine optimization) strategies on your landing page

4. Have back links on your landing page

5. Be sure to include in your footers, privacy statement, about us, contact us, sitemap, terms and conditions,
income disclaimers and/or proof of income and affidavits.

6. Relevance between keywords and ad, keywords and landing page and ad and landing page.

7. Landing page must have UNIQUE content. This is no longer a game for “me too marketers”. Have a unique offer,
make it your own. Preferably use a different landing page for each ad group. If you have one page for all your
keywords, you will probably have a lower conversion rate and a higher cost per click.

8. Make sure Google thinks you are relevant!

9. Do not use bridge pages.

Google will only become more strict on relevancy, quality and transparency as they continue to improve the
experience of their searchers. Do not try and outsmart Google. Play by their rules and stay in the race to win!

Guidelines For The Successful Entrepreneur

23 02 2010

Do you know anyone who works really hard, enjoys a measure of success, but until now, has not been able to achieve a breakthrough, or just plain old outrageous success?

Is it just plain luck when people hit the “mother lode” in their business?

The truth is, it is not luck, but rather a consistent, disciplined application of the laws of success, with good timing, positive mental attitude along with a vision of success and positive speech.

It is the people who are determined never to give up, no matter what. They never accept failure. They have made up their minds (mindset) to get up every time they need to brush themselves off and start again.

They will never let even the idea of failure occupy their thoughts. (vision) They will never speak of failure.

They understand the discipline of sticking to the plan and going over the checklist daily. They understand the laws of sowing and reaping. They know that if they give to the poor secretly, God in heaven will bless them with prosperity.

They understand that there is no such thing as luck. Blessings are very real and even present in the lives of those who secretly bless the poor, the unfortunate, the widows, the orphans, the victims of tradgedy, the list goes on.

There is a law of sowing and reaping. It works for everyone regardless of sex, religion, color, class and nationality.

I challenge you to try it. Do it secretly while having the faith to expect a harvest.

Here are some guidelines to follow in your quest for success:

  • Do proper research and ensure right timing.
  • Organize.
  • See the vision of success, speak the vision positively with no negative speech or thoughts.
  • Make a plan and a checklist.
  • Have the discipline to stick to the plan and use the checklist every day.
  • Have the determination never to give up.

I intend to outline more of these success laws in following articles.

Remember, a law works every time for every one providing they employ them fastiduously.

Learn to Apply and Implement the Laws that Create Success

19 02 2010

Why do some people enjoy breakout success, and others even though they may work hard, experience only minor triumphs and have no real lasting success?

A very simple reason, is that you must understand to the point of revelation, and consistently apply certain laws.

Just like the law of gravity, laws work for everyone, regardless of their circumstance.

Simply find out which laws apply to your situation, and apply them consistently!

As sure as you know the result of jumping from a high building, you will see your result.

Consider this, you can not reap without sowing. If you sow, and you get all the conditions right, you will reap!

It is very important to put things in the right order. The first thing to do is to identify the specific result that you want to achieve, (make sure it is the one you really want) and meditate on it night and day.

You must see yourself in a vivid mental picture, living with your achievement and enjoying all it’s benefits. If you do this right, you will also feel the emotions attached to successfully achieving your goals.

Next is to organise on paper, in the form of a checklist, every single law that will enable you to achieve your goal.

Another law, is that sustained success in anything will only exist in an organized environment. The more brilliantly organized, the more outstanding the success of the enterprise. Momentary success can come in a haphazard way, but not extraordinary sustainable success.

Think of the avaition industry, think of disorganized pilots, disorganized maintenance, disorganized booking services, disorganized air traffic control etc. In such an environment, the occasional flight might be pleasurable, but can we really expect a sustainably successful avaiation industry in this state?

I mentioned a checklist for the laws you need to employ for your enterprise. Did you know that no matter how many thousands of times a seasoned airline captain (think Sullenberger) does the procedure for take offs and landings, it is an absolute requirement that a checklist be used every single time?

In my coming articles, I intend to point out the laws that have brought the exceptional, sustained success of the great achievers in history.

Remember, a law is no respecter of persons. The rule is that laws work the same way every time regardless of person, place or circumstance.

Have You Earned The Trust Of Your Online Business Prospects?

31 01 2010

One thing that is clear about trust, is that it takes time to develop. Trust is a gift that human beings share. There can be no close without trust!

So, how do we earn the trust of our prospects?

There are some important aspects in a good online business, or any form of business for that matter, these include, innovation, persistence, leadership and follow through.

However, the most valuable and rare gift is that of trust.

In a world where the norm is for people to be pitched at, marketed and sold to, there is a tendency to focus more on ourselves and what’s in it for us. However if we exist for mutual benefit we gain far more satisfaction from this and reap far greater reward.

We often give gifts to friends and loved ones on their birthdays and other special occasions. But one of the greatest gifts that we as human beings share is that of trust.

In the rapid world of online marketing, there has developed a level of skepticism among potential prospects. They have been pitched at so many times that they are jaded and trust is harder to come by.

There is nothing more likely to result in a lack of trust than a slick sales pitch.

Be real, be yourself and make sure that you are promoting a business model that you are passionate about and that you know will bring success for your prospect.

If for example, on your landing page, you make an offer to your prospect, then be certain to over deliver on your thank you page.

In your auto responder emails, give value but also be personal. Remember, people follow people, and they buy from people they trust! This comes from a sense of knowing you and what you stand for.

It is far more difficult to gain the trust of your prospect if you are promoting a company replicated site with absolutely no personal touch.

Finally, if you really care about the success of your prospects, this will shine through throughout your sales funnel.

I always maintain that giving without want is the precursor to massive success!

The Importance of Posture when Relating to your Prospects: Do YOU have it?

20 01 2010

Posture has many definitions. The posture we will examine here is simply defined as, “an intentionally or habitually assumed position”.

An important and well known cliché comes to mind, “People only see you as you see yourself”.

Are you projecting the right image to your prospects? Do you exude confidence and ability? Are you weak, or do you come across as a strong leader?

From the origin of time, man has operated within social groups. The natural order of things is that the weaker, less skilled members of the group, gravitate towards and submit themselves to the strongest and most skilled members.

If we fast forward to today’s high speed internet world of online marketers and so called, “guru’s”, we see a similar scenario.

Newer and less skilled marketers, seek to align themselves with the top producers, hoping to gain from their wisdom and expertise.

The true leader knows that if he or she focuses on helping others to achieve their success, then their own success will grow exponentially.

“Giving without want is a formula for success”.

How you present yourself online is a key part of the process.

There is no way around offering value, but remember that the value must be delivered in a manner that will instill confidence in the reader.

If you are using video to connect with your prospects, assume a position of authority. If you demonstrate any form of weakness or uncertainty, this will be detected by your viewers.

The theme of confidence and a posture of leadership must prevail throughout your sales funnel and on every inch of internet real estate that you own.

When your prospects begin to trust in your ability as a leader, a relationship will begin to build. You will then be well on your way to developing a life long customer for your business.

One of the greatest  resources I have found that clearly outlines how to develop posture when speaking with your prospects is Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting.

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